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How To Pick A Manual Vehicle Door Lock

Most drivers will lock keys in their vehicle by mistake at some point. If you accidentally get locked out of your vehicle, you don't have to call a locksmith right away. It is possible to unlock vertical manual locks yourself, and save money. Here are tips to pick a manual vehicle door lock.

Try a Wire Hanger

For this project, you need  

  • rags
  • Slim Jim (ootional) 
  • wire hanger
  • flat-blade screwdriver
  • wood shim or block
  • long shoe lace or paracord

Unbend a wire hanger, and form a hook two to three inches long at one straight end. Insert the hook-end of the hanger between the weather-stripping and  window, and rotate the hook at ninety-degree angle, so it hooks on the lock lever.

You will have to move the hook around to find the lock lever. The lock levers are commonly a slight distance from the manual lock tabs. It should start to move, when you hit it. Pull up on the lever arm to unlock the door.

A Slim Jim is a wedge with hook that works in the same manner as the hanger. Slide between the window pane and weather-stripping. However, owning one could be considered criminal intent in some states.

Pry the Lock With a Screwdriver

If the coat hanger or Slim Jim doesn't work, try the screw driver and wire method. Cover the top part of the door corner the farthest from the door handle. This section is easy to open  because it is the farthest from the lock arm. 

Slide the screwdriver blade between the door frame and gap between the lock; ensuring the screwdriver stays on the rag. Push the screwdriver handle down to pry the door open. 

Wrap a rag around a wood shim, and slide it between the vehicle and the door frame to keep the door propped open. Unbend a coat hanger, and slide it into the space between the door and door frame. Slide the hanger toward the button. Push the lock button with the hanger, and remove the shim.

Use a Shoe Lace or Paracord

 Find a shoe lace or paracord at least three feet long, and make a slip knot two or three inches long in the middle.  Push the string or cord into the door jamb starting at the top corner, and tug it to create space between the door and door seal. 

Prop the door with a wood shim or block, and insert the slip knot between the door and door frame. Move the cord or string in a sawing motion; pull one end at a time until the loop reaches the lock lever. Work the knot onto the lock with a twisting motion after the loop is over the lock, and pull up to unlock the door.

If you're unable to unlock the door yourself, call a local locksmith like Vista Lock & Safe Co.

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