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Basic Troubleshooting of Your Commercial Door

When your commercial door is malfunctioning, it is more than a nuisance. It can be a safety hazard for your employees and customers. Therefore, fixing the door should be a top priority. Before calling for professional help, here is some troubleshooting you can do for some commonly experienced door problems.  

Door Does Not Close 

There are several reasons that your commercial door might stop closing. One of the most common is that the weather stripping is interfering with the functionality of the door. If the weather stripping is too thick or it is loose, you will need to either remove the stripping or re-affix it. If you remove it, it needs to be replaced to prevent air leakage from your business.  

Another possible reason for the door not closing is that the hinges are worn. Inspect the hinges and the other hardware to determine if it is rusted or worn. If so, you should contact a professional to replace the hinges. You can also have the door inspected to ensure there are no other problems on the horizon.  

There is also the possibility that the building is settling. When settling occurs, the outline for the doorway could shift, which would impact the ability to close the door. If that happens, the door will need to be readjusted and possibly altered to fit into the space. Contact a technician to handle this issue.  

Electric Door Does Not Open or Close 

When an electric door does not work, you need to determine if it is due to a wiring issue or a structural problem. The easiest way to do this is to disconnect the door from the operator. Once it is disconnected, attempt to open it manually. If it opens, the issue is related to the electrical wiring. If the door does not open or close, check the hardware for signs of wear and tear.  

Even if you do not have experience with electrical wiring, there is some basic troubleshooting to determine if it is too blame. For instance, you can check the overload button. The button should be located on the inside or outside of the electrical box. If it has been tripped, try resetting it.  

Ideally, the problem should be reserved once you reset the overload. However, it if it occurs again, bad wiring could be to blame. The wiring will need to be professionally repaired.  

For other problems and additional help with troubleshooting your commercial door, check out sites like and contact a professional repair technician. 

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