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Ways To Get Into Your Car If You Lose Or Lock Your Keys In It

Having just one key for your car is never a good idea, yet some cars only come with one key. If you fail to get a duplicate copy made, you will be out of luck if you lose your key or lock it in your vehicle. There are always ways to get a new key, though, or get inside a locked car; however, these options are not free. If you are in this predicament and need help, here are the options you have.

Contact a car dealership to get a key

If your car is newer, there is a good chance you could get a replacement key by calling an auto dealership. You will need to call a dealership that sells the brand of car you have if you want to do this, and they might have the information on hand to make a duplicate key for you. If the dealer cannot make it for you, there is a chance the dealer can order one for you. This, however, is not something that will provide you an instant way to get the key that you need right now.

Call a locksmith

Locksmiths are people trained to open locks without keys, and they are often able to get inside any type, brand, or make of car you might have. This method can be costly to use, though, especially if you are locked out on a weekend or during the middle of the night. You should also realize that this method will not do a lot of good if you lost the key to your car and do not have a spare key. While the locksmith could open the car door for you without a key, this will still not give you a new key to use so you can start the car and drive it home.

Some locksmiths have the ability to make new keys for cars, and this is something you will need to ask if you call a locksmith to help you with the predicament you are in. When you call, ask the locksmith if he or she can do this. If the locksmith cannot, call another one until you find one that can. This is the best way to get a replacement key quickly for emergency situations like this.

If you are locked out of your car, need a duplicate key, or need a replacement key because you lost yours, contact a locksmith service such as The Lock Shop.

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