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Locksmith Tips For Preventing Supply Theft

Supply theft can be a huge problem for businesses, and it's surprisingly common. You want to trust your employees, but it only takes one bad egg to ruin it for everyone. If supply theft has become an issue in your workplace, you need to confront the issue head on before it spirals out of control. Internal supply theft could cost you hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars, so it's not an issue to overlook.

Install Surveillance

One of the easiest ways to deter supply theft is by installing surveillance cameras. Obviously, people won't steal if they know they can get caught. Have cameras set up in common problem areas like near the cash register and in the supply closet. Set the monitor either in your office, if you spend most of your time there, or somewhere all of your employees can see it. Make sure your surveillance monitors can hold up to a few months' worth of footage in case you need to look back on an incident.

Check Inventory Daily

Office thieves often only take small amounts of supplies or merchandise at a time, making it hard to notice the theft or track when it happened. You can stay on top of the problem by checking inventory daily. That way, if there are small discrepancies you can notice them right away and check time cards to narrow down who the culprit is.

Use Electronic Locks

Crafty thieves can pick traditional locks and keys can easily be "borrowed" or stolen. Keypad door locks are another option for locking up your supplies, but codes can be shared and there's technically no way to keep track of who knows them.

The safest bet is electronic locks. Choose an electronic lock that requires you to slide an ID to get in. This will easily limit the amount of people who can access supplies. You can also choose a model that keeps track of who entered a room and when, so if you do have theft, you'll easily be able to track who is responsible. Contact a commercial locksmith services team like Hicks Safes & Locks Inc to find out what models could work for you.

Conduct Background Checks

One of the fastest ways to eliminate potential problem employees is by conducting background checks before hiring. Even if their legal record checks out, you should still go over their references thoroughly. Some people list fake references and businesses, so be sure to certify that you are contacting a legitimate business.

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