keyless lock options for your home

4 Reasons To Have Your Home's Locks Rekeyed

Your home's lock system is an important aspect of household security that you can't afford to overlook. If you find the need to have your household locks replaced, consider having the place rekeyed instead. Here's why:

Minimize Key Requirements for Your Household

By rekeying your household, you can minimize the need for your family to manage multiple keys at any given time. You can have each lock in your home rekeyed to accept one key, which means that anyone living in your home can gain entrance through any door by using only one key. So forget about making everyone in your household carry around two or three keys for full access to your home. Have just one key made for each person and maintain some peace of mind in knowing that they'll have full access to the indoors when it's needed.

Optimize Your Family's Peace of Mind

If one of the kids or a roommate ends up losing a household key, you can simply have your locks rekeyed and issue a new key to everyone living with you in order to regain security for your household. The opportunity to have your home's locks rekeyed at any time should help optimize your peace of mind when it comes to household and family security. And with only one lock to worry about, you won't have to worry about which door in your home is vulnerable if a key is lost or stolen.

Save Some Money on Hardware

Another good reason to have your home's locks rekeyed is to save some money on hardware. You don't have to buy new lock fixtures or accessories in order to make your new universal key work on all the doors in your home. And if you do want to get new hardware, you can buy it in bulk to save money, or purchase them used because they don't have to match one another in order to accept the same universal key.

Save Time and Increase Convenience

Whenever you want to replace your locks or keys as time goes on, you're sure to save yourself some time and increase your convenience by having your home's locks rekeyed instead of having each lock replaced altogether. The process of rekeying your locks is much shorter than that of replacing the lock system in each door, so you don't have to lose hours out of your day to get the job done. In fact, your locksmith can take care of the rekeying when you aren't home, and you can pick your new universal keys up on the way home from work or a day out with family. 

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keyless lock options for your home

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