keyless lock options for your home

Better Securing Your New Business

If you have just opened up a small business, then you have more than likely been very busy with everything it takes to get it up and running. However, one of the most important things you really need to do is to be sure you do is to take care of your investment by protecting it from criminals looking for some place to victimize. As a new business owner, you may not realize all of the different ways that you should be protecting your business space. Here are some of the things it's important for you to do as soon as you can:

Put up a height indicator at the entrances and exits – A height indicator is a measuring label that will go up to well over 6 feet. You want it to be installed right at the doors, so you can tell how tall someone is when they walk in and out of the business. It can be very hard to guess how tall a person is and this can be important with regards to helping police identify them if they come in and victimize your business. When you have the measuring device installed, you just have to glance at it while they are walking out to see how tall they are. You do need to make sure it is installed so it is at the correct height.

Have solid doors installed – If any of your doors that lead to the outside are not very solid, then they have to go. The last thing you want are doors that someone can just kick their way through in the middle of the night, so they can do whatever they want inside of your business. Solid doors will be able to take much more pressure and stress, making it extremely difficult for someone to push their way right through them.

Have a floor safe installed – If you keep money on site, then you want to know that it is going to be kept as safe as possible. If you have a regular safe, even a very large one, desperate criminals can come up with a plan for removing that safe from the business. However, a floor safe will be installed and secured in the floor, so it can't be taken out. Plus, you can put something over top of it, so they may not even be able to find it even when they are looking.

Have a commercial locksmith come out – You want to have a commercial locksmith come out and walk through your entire business with you. They will inform you of everything they see that needs changing in order to better protect your business. They may suggest going with a completely different type of locking system on the doors, changing the locks on any windows that open, installing other security measures they deem important and give you much more advice. Once you decide on the changes you are going to make, the locksmith will be able to take care of them for you as well.

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keyless lock options for your home

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