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Need To Move A Safe To A New Facility? You'll Need To Do It Carefully Or Hire A Moving Company

Moving your business from one location to another can feel like an overwhelming experience, but it doesn't have to be. One thing that can often be a challenge is the company safe. Most commercial safes are very large and extremely heavy, which means extra care needs to be taken so the safe and the contents of the safe make it through the move without any harm. However, due to the size and weight of the safe, the floors, walls, stairways, and moving vehicle also need to be protected. Here's what you need to know. 


Protecting the floors is essential, even when the safe is placed on a rolling cart. Do not use blankets, tarps, or foam sheets as they could get caught up in the wheels of the rolling cart or, possibly worse, a mover could trip and fall. Instead, use a durable compressed plywood. Place the compressed plywood directly on the floor along the path that will be used. You will need at least two planks of wood in order to move the safe. 


To protect the walls from scratches or dents, secure foam padding on the corners and edges of the safe. Alternatively, wrap the foam padding around the safe. When using either method, you can secure the foam padding with straps that are designed for such purposes. You can find foam padding and straps at any moving store or hardware store. 


Stairways may be the most difficult to move a safe through. If there is an elevator, definitely use it instead. If there is no elevator and the only means of moving the safe out of the facility is by using stairs, it's better to hire a moving company to move the safe than to attempt to do it yourself. Moving companies that specialize in moving safes and other extremely heavy items have specially-designed carts and dollies that can be used to descend and ascend stairs. 


The moving vehicle will need to be protected as well. The safe should be completely secured before it is transported so the safe doesn't shift or fall over, which could cause the driver of the truck to have an accident. While most moving vans that can be rented do have hooks that can be used to tie down large items, an inexperienced person may not know how to correctly and safely secure a safe. Therefore, instead of attempting to do this yourself, hire a safe moving company like Triangle  Safe &  Lock to do it for you. 

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