keyless lock options for your home

3 Services Performed By Your Local Locksmith

When you think of what a locksmith can do for you, it's likely that all you think of is helping you get into your home or vehicle when you've lost the keys. Locksmiths offer so much more than the service of opening locked doors. Here are a few services they can provide that you may not be aware of.


Ever needed to change the locks because someone has a key that you can't get back? Your gut reaction may be to go to a local home improvement store and buy a whole new lockset. This is wasteful and unnecessary because all that needs to be changed is the locking cylinder that determines which key can be used. Locksmiths are capable of changing the pins of the locking cylinder and creating new keys for your doors. It will help you maintain the same lockset, which likely has an existing style that matches the decor of your home, as well as making multiple locks use the same key.

Safe Services

All locks can be broken into with enough time, including a safe. That is why the best way to prevent someone from getting into a safe is to secure it in place. If they can't remove the safe from its installed location, the time they have with the safe to break in will be limited. In addition, it prevents a small safe from being removed from a home to be broken into later.

A locksmith can actually help secure your safe so that it can't be removed. This includes mounting it inside a wall or even securing a large safe to your home's foundation. You will be surprised at the methods that are able to use to make sure your safe stays in place for good. 

Smart Lock Installation

Have you ever wanted a more robust lock system for your home or business to make using your locks even easier? This includes key fob systems where the lock can be opened by a small electronic device rather than a traditional key, which helps allow and revoke access to people with ease. There are even options for biometric lock systems that use fingerprints to open doors. The installation of these smart lock systems can all be done by using the services of a local locksmith. A more advanced lock system can make your home more secure and easier to access for authorized people.

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keyless lock options for your home

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