keyless lock options for your home

Concerned About Safety? Protect Your Keyless Door Locks From Hardware Hackers

Keyless door locks and systems may be excellent options for protecting your home or business from crime. But if you're worried that your keyless door locks aren't secure enough to ward off hardware hackers, talk to your locksmith. Hardware hackers use dubious methods, such as modified cell phones and tablets, to decode your door locks. Once inside your building or home, the hackers steal your valuables. Your locksmith may offer more advanced door locking systems that protect you from hardware hackers. Read More 

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keyless lock options for your home

Do you hate juggling with your keys to get into your house? This is something that I have hated for so many years. I started looking into some of the keyless locks that I could have installed on my front door to eliminate the need to use a key. There are many different keyless locks to choose from, but the one that I really liked was the one that required a smartphone to unlock it. You can learn all about keyless locks and the smartphone lock that I have had installed on my front door by reading through my blog.


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