keyless lock options for your home

What's The Best Kind Of Lock For Your Situation?

Many different types of locks are available for a variety of situations. This article will help you match the type of lock you need to your property setup.

Mortise Locks

Mortise locks are the common type of knob locks that you see in many buildings; they require a cut out to be applied to the lock in order to make it customized. They are an affordable option and a baseline choice unless your situation clearly calls for a different type of lock. And sometimes, you can install them yourself or at least learn to rekey the lock on your own.  


Deadbolt locks can easily be added as an additional lock to many types of knob locking systems. These are less vulnerable to being broken into through brute force because they use such a thick piece of metal to block entry. For the cost of a dead bolt, which is minor compared to electronic locks, it provides a lot of security and an additional barrier to entry.

Pad Locks

Pad locks are part of an electronic locking system. They involve keying in a code rather than using a key to open the door. They are a good idea if you have many different people who you'd like to keep track of with different entry codes. So, bed and breakfast owners may be some of the prime customers for these locks. People with smaller children may also use these electronic locks more often. Kids may not be able to keep track of a key, but you can use a simple code for them to remember and get into the house easily.

Cylinder Locks

You often see cylinder locks applied as an addition to mortise locks. They allow you to have a master key that can be applied to a lot of different locks at one time.

These are a few of the most common locks. Of course, you can usually find multiple locks together as a lock set. For example, the combination of a pad lock that opens a dead bolt is quite common. You may see the dead bolt with a knob lock as well. And all of the locks you choose should be used in conjunction with a strong door of sturdy construction. Locksmith services, which you can find at a site like, are a great resource when you're wondering what locks are available to you and what the safety specifications are for each one.

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keyless lock options for your home

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