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3 Ways Your Locksmith Can Unlock Your Vehicle

Automotive locksmith services is something everyone hopes that they never have to use. However, it exists because people regularly have a need for it. With all of the new-fangled ways in which cars are locked, it takes a few extra new maneuvers for locksmiths to unlock them. Here are three ways in which a locksmith can unlock your vehicle. 

1. Auto Lock Picks 

A very special set of lock picks help the locksmith unlock your vehicle when you have a lock in the door. This only works on vehicles where you can still use your key to open the door. The locksmith will spend a few minutes trying to pick the lock to pop it before attempting anything else because the other methods are a little riskier. 

2. Pry Bar or Bladder Wedge

A pry bar, or "Slim Jim," is used to pry the frame of the door away from the vehicle just enough to slip in a wire or coat hanger and tap or yank on the locking mechanism. A less damaging approach is to use the bladder wedge, which is often inserted into the wedged-open door frame prior to removing the pry bar. The bladder wedge has a squeeze ball and rubber air tube attached to it. The locksmith pumps up the wedge to create a wider and far less damaging opening through which to slip a hook/tap tool. It is especially effective for vehicles where the tap button for locking the vehicle is located much farther down on the door where the hook/tap tool might not reach without enough room to slip fingers and part of a hand through to get the tool to reach all the way. 

3. Digital Lock Pick

This newer device is programmed with many of the codes needed to unlock keyless entry locks. Locksmiths are also able to call vehicle manufacturers for codes, type the codes into the device, and unlock keyless entry doors this way. Not every locksmith can afford one of these devices, so it is safe to assume that most locksmiths in your area probably do not have one of these. However, you probably do not have a keyless entry only vehicle, anyway. Most keyless entry vehicles still have a key lock just in case, in which case, any locksmith can use one of the above ways to get your vehicle open again. 

To learn more, contact your local auto locksmiths today. 

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