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Two Of The Most Important Services Offered By Automobile Locksmiths

The first thing many people envision when they hear the word "auto-locksmith" is being locked out of their vehicle. Indeed, one of the common reasons car owners call a locksmith is to open their door after misplacing their keys or locking them in the car. However, there is a wide range of services offered by an automobile locksmith apart from picking car locks.

Key Cutting

An automobile locksmith can help duplicate your car keys if you have more than one person accessing the vehicle. Also, you can ask the locksmith to rekey your car or replace the locks for security reasons. When it comes to key cutting, auto locksmiths deal with different types of keys.

Mechanically-cut keys are traditional car keys that have no security features. These keys are mainly used in older car models. However, when a security system is installed in an old vehicle, a locksmith can upgrade the keys. Laser-cut keys are an upgrade from mechanically-cut keys. The main difference between these two types of keys is the process involved in making them. A laser-cut key has improved security because of the grooves on the sides of the key.

Automobile locksmiths also deal with smart keys. These keys are RFID sensors that can activate the vehicle doors and engine ignition. However, smart keys need to be used within the RFID transmission range. Cars that use RFID sensors have a push-button for starting the ignition.

Ignition Switch Replacement

If you find that your car is not starting, do not rush to replace the car battery. The problem could be the ignition switch. When power is interrupted when turning the key, the car cannot start. This problem arises if you have a faulty ignition switch.

Other symptoms of a faulty ignition switch include when your car stalls while on the move, your car starts then suddenly stalls, or when you cannot power on accessories such as interior lights. Many car owners ignore replacing the ignition switch until the vehicle fails to start. It is advisable to call an auto-locksmith the moment you notice any of the above symptoms of a failing ignition switch.

Vehicles are very sensitive when it comes to keys and locks. Trying to pick the lock of your car or to jiggle the key to start a faulty ignition switch can result in more serious problems. The next time you need help with your car keys or ignition switch, make sure you consult an locksmith in your area.

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