keyless lock options for your home

Business Owners: Why You Should Upgrade To Keyless Entry Lock

If you own a business, you'll take every measure to protect it from loss. One of the best ways to do this is to install a secure lock. As such, if your business premise has a traditional lock, speak to a professional commercial locksmith to help you upgrade to keyless entry locks. A key benefit of such smart locks is that they offer better security by restricting unauthorized access. This guide explains why they're a great investment for your business.

Your Business Will Make Huge Savings

Upgrading to a keyless entry lock can save your business a lot of money. This is because traditional locks have the downside of needing duplicate keys for employees. However, after professional installation of the keyless system, you will save on such operational costs. This is especially the case if the entry system installed in your business uses biometric information. 

Keyless Entry Systems Offers Better Security

The major concern with manual keys is that they're easy to copy, and you can lose them. This issue can make your business an easy target for a break-in. However, when you call a professional locksmith to help you upgrade to a keyless entry lock, they'll ensure your employees have a unique credential. This way, you can check the employee's entry history, including visitor attendance. More so, the software linked to the entry lock can provide notifications when there's a security breach.

The Keyless Lock Is Easy to Manage

The management of traditional locks is way more complicated than the keyless option. For instance, if an employee resigns or you fire them, you'll need to replace the locks. On the other hand, a keyless system can help you avoid such an unnecessary expense. This is so because all you need to do is re-configure the locking system. Once this is done, you'll provide employees with new access credentials. However, if a locksmith sets up a mobile-entry lock, all you need to do is revoke the credentials of the employee leaving your business.

Better Insight On Your Business Operation

Manual entry locks make it impossible to know the people who enter and leave your business. The good news is this is a problem you'll resolve by installing a keyless entry system. The smart locks authenticate unique credentials. This means that you can monitor the activities going on within your business in real time. Such information can help your business respond to security breaches and better structure the time management policy.

If you're still using the traditional locking system in your business, it's time to consider an upgrade. When you contact a professional commercial locksmith to help upgrade to a keyless entry lock, you'll enjoy the benefit mentioned above and many more.  

Reach out to a commercial locksmith to learn more.

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keyless lock options for your home

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